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Country Made of Dirt

In Country Made of Dirt, artist Eliot Dudik presents a series of vignetted images of ambiguous faces, quiet gestures, and verdant foliage printed in classical tondo compositions and overlaid with text. Simultaneously uplifting and elegiac, Country Made of Dirt manifests ideas of country and community, hope and desire, and allusions to the cycles of life and death, through a meditation on collective myth and ritual.  The book’s unique scale and presentation provides an intimate viewing experience from which each viewer is invited to consider our shared yearning for fellowship and meaning amidst the inevitability of loss.

Country Made of Dirt includes sixteen platinum and palladium photographs, handmade by Eliot Dudik.  The images are accompanied by a poem written by Arielle Greenberg, letterpress printed by Dudik on vellum. The book is situated within a handmade box that transforms into a viewing stand with convex lens. The book and box were designed and constructed by Eliot Dudik in an edition of 20 with 1 artist proof. 

This book was made possible through the generous support of Brenton Hamilton, Arielle Greenberg, Jared Ragland, Tabitha Timm, Maine Media Workshops & College, William & Mary, Hahnemühle, Talas, Martha & Carl Tack, Skip Klein, and Jon Cone.

Designed and produced by Eliot Dudik.

Platinum & palladium prints handmade by the artist on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag at the College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Type set in Mrs Eaves and Trade Gothic and letterpress printed on a Vandercook Universal I.

Letterpress printed and bound while in residence at Maine Media Workshops + College, Rockport, Maine.

Poem sequence written by Arielle Greenberg in Belfast, Maine.

Photographs & design © 2017 Eliot Dudik, 9mark press.

Text © 2017 Arielle Greenberg.

Broken Land and Still Lives | Clamshell Box

Handmade clamshell box with a select portfolio of Broken Land & Still Lives prints. 

Made in an edition of 15 for PhotoNOLA 2014, and ultimately helped to secure the 2014 PhotoNOLA Review Prize.

Date: 2014
Edition: 15
Number of Prints:
$275 / SOLD OUT


In Search of the Black Jewel

Date:  2012
Number of Pages:
$125 / SOLD OUT

Capers Island

Capers Island is an uninhabited barrier island off the coast of South Carolina, about 15 miles north of Charleston.  Originally inhabited by the Sewee Native Americans, later settled by a European family in 1659, and changing hands again over a dozen times through 1975 when the state of South Carolina purchased the island and designated Capers Island a State Heritage Preserve.  Only accessible by boat, it is the southern tip of a 60 mile stretch of protected South Carolina coastline. 

Capers Island represents a kind of incubator for me as an artist.  I spent nearly four years photographing the island before I attended graduate school, and the resulting portfolio of black and white photographs helped grant me acceptance and scholarship into the Masters of Fine Art program at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  After a five year hiatus, I return to the island now with the added craft, knowledge, and inspiration I have accumulated through continued practice, education, and my students.

This first edition of Capers Island is limited to twenty copies. 

The images are printed with archival pigment on double-sided Red River Aurora Art Natural paper.  

Date:  2013
Edition: 20
Number of Pages:
$125 / SOLD OUT

Road Ends in Water

Date:  2010
Edition: 1000
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Number of Pages: 96

Images courtesy of Ahorn Magazine