Silver Print Collection

In an effort to have a little fun and place some fresh new prints in collections where people will enjoy them at affordable prices, I’m excited to launch the weekly Silver Print Collection. 

My personal collection of photographs from artists across the globe is dominated by small, black and white, silver prints.  I’ve found this curious for some time as my work for the past decade has been nearly exclusively large color prints.  I’ve always been attracted to the luscious surface and tonal depth of the silver gelatin print, and it is my favorite process and material to teach to young photographers for its ability to elevate consciousness, consideration, and deliberateness.  As much as this is an effort to produce museum quality prints that are affordable to all types of collectors, it is also an excuse for me to dive back into the darkroom where I am at home.    

I will be releasing a new edition of silver gelatin prints each week.  The prints are made by me in an edition of seven with two artist proofs.  During the inaugural week, the print will sell for $125.  When the new print for the following week is posted, the previous week’s print, should any remain, will be archived and available for $300.